Ghetto Recorders opened up shop in Detroit, Michigan way back in the fall of 1996 -- debuting with the seminal Bantam Rooster LP,"Deal Me In" and since then they've kicked out a ton of classic punk, garage and rock & roll records that've been released by all the labels you know and love.
Utilizing tons of vintage gear (some of which actually works) and boasting all the amenities of prison, Ghetto Recorders is the only rock studio that matters.

Ghetto Recorder clients come from all over the goddamn place. They wind up on the turntables of discerning rock and roll fans the world over, and along the way they make a crucial stop in Jim Diamond's famous live room.

Ghetto Recorders has that sound (download MP3s here). The sound of broken glass, spilled beer, hot rod engines and burning pork. Got rock? Oh no, you don't... not if you've recorded somewhere other than Ghetto Recorders.

Ghetto Recorders is hot, hot -- hotter than hell. Especially during the summer. (And during the winter, possesses the ambiance of some North Pole station for scientific tundra research.) It's in a decidedly questionable part of town, where danger is always imminent; if your car isn't stolen then it's bound to get ticketed.

Far from being a bad thing, these factors actually help the creative process. As any numbskull knows, the best rock and roll was produced under duress and in great adversity. Ghetto Recorders is surrounded by plenty of both. But fear not -- Owner and Producer Jim Diamond will be on hand to see to it that no one loses their mind.

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